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Timing is everything. Why the time to start is NOW…

If not now, then when? Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) has made waves in the US market and it’s only just beginning. Market growth for CBD products has been immense and with the market still for the most part in its infancy, there is a window of opportunity for start-up brands to launch, find firm footing and secure their future before the market becomes dominated by larger brands which will make it more competitive and harder as well as more expensive to break into, and it’s expected that this trend will start to take hold within the next 12 to 24 months.

As CBD’s legal status is still changing from state to state, new untapped markets are still opening up meaning small and start-up brands don’t have to fight for market share, there’s already plenty to go around and the pie is only getting bigger. Establishing a brand with a track record and that is trusted is key to gaining new customers as they enter the CBD consumer market for the first time, and given the high degree of brand loyalty within the US if you don’t snatch up new prospects as soon as they come through the door it’s going to be a lot harder to convert them down the line…you have to strike when the iron is hot, you have to move now. Partnering with us gives your Start-up the competitive advantage, enabling you to go to market faster than you would on your own. 1 Stop CBD Business is the perfect launch pad for start-ups and small CBD retail businesses.

To add onto all these forces that are working in CBD start-ups’ favor, the surge in online sales meaning more people can and are willing to be reached virtually, offers CBD entrepreneurs a great opportunity to get started and earn big. Our models have been designed to lower the startup capital required and operating costs for small businesses and CBD start-ups. 1 Stop CBD Business is your “one stop solution” to get started and take advantage of this great CBD opportunity.

Now given the current pandemic, it may seem like the worst time to venture into a new business. Job losses and wage cuts are making it harder to invest in something new and makes it riskier as well. However, within a crisis there is always opportunity. An online CBD store provides a great source of alternative income and whether you are just looking to supplement what you already have or make it your new primary source of income, 1 Stop CBD Business will provide you with the expert support you need to successfully launch and grow your CBD business.

Timing is everything for a successful business and with increasing legalization, spreading knowledge and acceptance of CBD, a market that hasn’t reached maturity, and rising online shoppers – there will never be another time that this many positive factors align so perfectly at the same time for CBD start-ups to launch and thrive. At 1 Stop CBD Business we understand how crucial timing is for the success of a business and that’s why we ensure a quick and seamless launch of your CBD brand so that you can stake your claim in the CBD market as soon as possible. Set up an appointment with us today, the time to make your move is now!